Pusha T: That was the risk-taking album of the year. You know, a lot of people dropped albums, but I'm talking about taking that risk. Everything ’Ye did was out of the box. Really, out of the fucking box, man. And people are gonna say, 'You're gonna say that cause you're so closely associated with it,' but at the same time people can't measure up to that shit. That shit was really amazing. You can go lyrics, beats, and concepts. I mean, hip-hop embraced ballerinas, man! And he made you. You lost! He made you embrace ballerinas and you did it. Not only did you do it...you did it on the biggest awards show! You did it on SNL. And then he made a movie, and everybody sat down and watched it, and they watched him perform with ballerinas again. Hip-hoppers! It's over!

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