Album: G.O.O.D. Fridays
Best line: "You know what? I figured out I'm not a nice guy/I shook hands, kissed babies, gave it a nice try."
Complex says: Naturally, a lot of Kanye's verses this year tackled heavy subject matter, but this G.O.O.D. posse cut about sexing ugly girls reminded us that Yeezy is often downright hilarious, and doesn't have to sacrifice any technical skills when he wants to be. In 40 seconds, 'Ye leaves his boy with the ugly friend and officially makes Cool Water and cucumber Bath & Body Works the least cool thing. Someone had to do it.
Lyrics: “Yeah you know what?/I figured out I’m not a nice guy/I shook hands, kissed babies gave it a nice try/You know what? I hate pictures of other peoples kids/I hate plastic couches in other peoples cribs/I hate when other peoples crib’s smell like shit/I hate when I leave and smell like the crib/What’s the cause of the poor smell?/She said, "I just cleaned up baby" I can’t tell/Why every ghetto bitch gotta smell like Love Spell?/Or that God-damn cucumber bath and body works/I can still smell the sweat, the shit hardly works/"What about Cool Water?" That shit probably worse/This here a classic like the ‘Lodi Dodi’ verse/And my man probably hollered at the hottie first/I score, he took the charge/Ooooh, that shit gotta hurt.”

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