Album: H.F.M. 2
Best line: "The first album I vomited, the second I colonic'd it/Ain't nobody fucking with me, I platonic'd it."
Complex says: This is why it's awesome when rap feuds come to an end. Kanye's guest spot on 50 Cent's homie, Lloyd Banks' single is his best feature of the year. 'Ye starts things off with details on where he stashes his money and weed, before telling us about an encounter with a MILF, comparing his albums to bodily functions, and bragging about being "pajama rich." Yeah, there's not a dull moment during his entire appearance.
Lyrics: “We keep these G’s in an alloy safe/And stash the weed in an Altoid case/They say good things come to those who wait/So I'mma be at least about an hour late/I’m so fresh bitch I should be arrested/New Tody Chester with my nuts on your chest bitch/She said, 'Hey ‘Ye'/I said, 'Yes Bitch'/Damn I’m only asking you a question/I met this MILF at the all-star getting action/A cougar with more rings than Phil Jackson/Told her beauty is why God invented eyeballs/And her booty is why God invented my balls/I’m a rockstar, huh, (Start it up, start it up) huh, start it up/So popular you should get a shot of us/Niggas don’t take shots at us that is only obvious/The first album I vomited, the second I colonic’d it/Ain’t nobody fucking with me, I plutonic’d it/Bet I got some slippers on, bet the gits go honor it/These ain’t even real clothes homie, I’m pajama rich/Banks told me homie go switch the style up/These bitches on me homie only to arouse us/Told her, 'I ain't paying tonight, I’m only browsing'/She pulled her blouse up, said, 'It’s free'/I said, 'WOWZERS!'"

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