Released: April 14 (Click Here To Download It Now)
Best Song: "Mezmorized"

Wiz Khalifa is currently riding the wave of his first Top 20 hit, the catchy "Black and Yellow." But rest assured, much of his newfound stardom is due to the mass consumption of Kush & Orange Juice back in April. Wiz has actually been around for quite a while (he first hit the scene in 2005), but just like how "Black and Yellow" currently has him establishing his presence and arriving at stardom, Kush & Orange Juice previously helped Wiz find his voice and establish his identity. Prior to Kush & OJ, it was hard to pinpoint who and what Wiz Khalifa was, besides a rapper from Pittsburgh with a goofy smile and lots of tattoos. But the spaced-out loops and carefree rhymes of Kush & OJ make three things abundantly clear: he’s a stoner; he's a star; and he'll (try to) fuck your girl.

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