Released: June 1 (Click Here To Buy It Now On MP3)
Best Song: "Chinatown"

Lately, there's been a resurgent interest in the Brit-pop of the '80s. Maybe it was 500 Days of Summer pushing The Smiths on us. Maybe people just discovered that bands have been doing the "I'm tortured and hopelessly romantic" thing for decades. Then you have the endless amount of contemporary indie bands replicating the sound, but no one does it better than Jack Tatum, the recent college grad who records as Wild Nothing. When "Confirmation" dropped and impressed in October 2009, we waited patiently for the debut LP, which arrived in May of this year. Every song that was released or leaked before the album ("Live In Dreams," "Summer Holiday," "Chinatown") was better than the last, and the trend continues with the full-length, which is truly playable front to back. Gemini is great on its own merit, but it doesn't hurt that it sounds like a lot of our favorite records from the past, either.

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