Produced by: Ski Beatz & The Senseis
Ski Beatz: “That’s a weird record because initially when we did that record it was McKenzie, Curren$y, and Wiz Khalifa. Then Wiz got signed to Atlantic and there was politics with that. And we don’t clear shit over here, so we had to take him off. It was just me playing with some keys. Me playing with this key ref, Curren$y heard it, and said, ‘I like that.’ McKenzie sung on it. Threw a little beat to it. It’s not a standout beat to me, but they love it.”

Brady Watt of The Senseis: “It’s definitely been a collaborative process under Ski, but he's kind of the main visionary. We're just trying to make it as musical as possible. A lot of people are trying to make records that sound like this or that. They want to do certain things to try and impress people to try to reach success. We're doing what we want to do. We’re using our abilities and we know our strengths. We're not letting much limit us. I've been at DD172 since December. With Pilot Talk, the beats were pretty much done. We were like, “Let's just clear the samples.” So what was initially something that was meant to clear samples, turned into our creative process. Now every beat is live musicians, for the most part."