Bangladesh: "When I made [the beat], Lloyd and Ciara was in the studio [with me]. They were beefing over this beat. And they started sing-battling against each other. [Laughs.] So, I gave the beat to Ciara but after that day she never did anything with it. You know, some people sound good on a beat while jamming, but when it comes to writing something and making it clever it's a different story. So, nothing probably came to her quick enough so she didn't do anything with it.

"So from there Luda wanted the beat. I gave the beat to Luda, but he didn't really do anything with it. Around this time I met Mark Pitts, who is the president of Jive right now. Mark loved this beat, from there he navigated it to Kelis, and from there it did what it did. So really, it was him taking an interest.

"In the industry people didn't really take an interest in Bangladesh productions, especially back then because it was so different from industry standards. But Mark really knew what it was and he made sure the right song got on it and it did what it did for Kelis.

"I wasn't in the studio [for 'Bossy'] but I should have been. You should always be. You can make arrangements but if the communication ain't there and the respect level ain't there...That song in particular, I was cool with not being there cause the writers were there. Like Sean Garrett was there when she recorded 'Bossy' and it came out right cause someone was there that could give some direction."