Executive of: Death Row Records
Street Cred: Suge Knight is one of the most infamous and villainous figures in the history of hip-hop. Where do we even start? How about him (allegedly) getting Eazy-E to let Dr. Dre out of his Ruthless Records contract the way Don Corleone got Johnny Fontaine out of his (i.e. with a bunch of goons and a lead pipe).

How about (allegedly) hanging Vanilla Ice out the window to get a share of the publishing off of "Ice Ice Baby"? How about being suspected by a former LAPD detective of arranging to have Biggie killed? The list of gangsta shit this guy did goes on and on.

Laugh at his recent knockouts all you want, but Suge Knight is an OG. You know how we know? Because none of the people who cracked jokes about Greg The Barber online (including us) would dare mention his name to Suge's face.