Left To Right (clockwise): Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka, Lil B, Snoop Dogg, Reek Da Villian

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It's all hip-hop on today's Shuffle. We start off with a brand new record from Mack Maine's The Laxative mixtape featuring Lil Wayne and Gudda Gudda. The untagged version of Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka's Mr. Zone 6 collaboration is liberated. Lil B boasts about "killing hip-hop" on his new joint with Cormega. Snoop Dogg celebrates the New Year early on his new single. Listen and download these songs and more after the jump...

SONG: "My Reality"
ARTIST: Lil Wayne f/ Gudda Gudda & Mack Maine
• This track was swiped from the Young Money President Mack Maine's The Laxative mixtape.

SONG: "You Know What It Is"
ARTIST: Gucci Mane f/ Waka Flocka
• Off Gucci Mane's Mr. Zone 6 mixtape.

SONG: "I Killed Hip Hop"
ARTIST: Lil B f/ Cormega
• This is a good one. No verse from Cormega, however.

SONG: "New Year's Eve"
ARTIST: Snoop Dogg f/ Marty James
• Snoop's dropping Uncle Snoop in March 2011.

SONG: "Fire Hydrant (Reinvent Something)"
ARTIST: Reek Da Villian f/ Fred Da Godson & Busta Rhymes
• Re-invite something!

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