Ski: "That's one of the samples Dame wanted me to use because of the group the Black Keys. He did a project with them called Blackroc. He was like, 'Why don't you sample some Black Keys?' I was listening to they album and it was crazy, so I took the Black Keys sample. The name of that song was called 'Prowler' so I just called it 'Prowler 2.'

It was originally Jean Grae, Jay Electronica, and Mos Def on it. I just had a vision, like, "I would love to hear Joell Ortiz on this." Luckily, on Twitter, I said I was trying to get him on the song, and his manager hit me; he came through and made that verse.

I played it for Mos, and Mos was like, 'I don’t want to use him on the verse.' Mos wanted to use his homeboy Whosane on it. We didn’t use Whosane at all. So towards the end of the album, Mos Def ended up not working with us on the project. So I just said, 'I'm going to put Joell back on it.' And Joell killed it. He beasted. Mos' verse is in the vaults.

"[Our studio], people call it DD172, but we nicknamed it The Dojo. We recorded it and mixed everything here. It’s not a real studio either. We just got a room, a mic, and two speakers with my equipment set up with an engineer. We didn't have any money to do none of this stuff, we just did it. People just came in to show love. Nobody came by to record.

Jay Electronica came by and Dame was like, 'Yo you need to go downstairs, Ski is working on some stuff.' Jay came in, heard the beat, started writing, and just laid it down. Everybody who comes to The Dojo don't come to record, they just come and if they hear something cracking and they want to get on it, they'll rock it. There's no plan to our whole creative process.

Everything on the album was just moments in time. The whole song with Jim Jones and Curren$y wasn’t planned out, they was just both there and I played a beat. Next thing you know, they was smoking weed together and did a song."