Ski: "I got a call from my homeboy Reef from Atlantic records and he was A&Ring Joe’s project at the time. He was like, 'Yo, Ski, I need you. We got this remix to this record called 'John Blaze' but we not really feeling the remix, but we got all these rappers on it. It’s dope. Bless us with a beat.' So I listened to the record and I went to the studio the week after and just made the beat in the studio. And we found a live violinist to play on it and added the scratches. When Joe heard it he was flipping and going crazy.

"The vocals was done, so I didn't get to sit in the studio with all those guys, but I felt like they was there. They was recorded over the original 'John Blaze' beat. I just matched tempo and locked the beat up and took their music out to add mine and boom. Instant remix. For me [the best verse] was Big Pun's verse. He could just spit. Every line was a banger. Every line was crazy, it just held my attention."