Colione: "I had known 2 Pistols for awhile from living in Florida. One time we got invited to a music conference in Florida. He had a song and it was called ‘She Got It.’ I heard the song and I played it for Rook, Barto, and [our mangers]. And I told them that I thought he had a great song and everybody agreed. But the only thing was that the music wasn't good at all. So we went back into the studio and we created the 'She Got It' music. We went back and 2 Pistols re-recorded the song. It came out pretty good. And a lot of people liked it and we ended up creating a situation for 2 Pistols since he was our artist at the time. We had a deal with Universal and the song did well. We sold two million ring tones. It’s a great strip club song.” [Laughs.]