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Produced by: Boi-1da & Noah "40" Shebib 
Boi-1da: "That was [made] a few months ago in my basement. That beat was made really fast, maybe like 10 minutes. That one was just another sample that I heard, Hank Crawford’s 'Wildflower.' That one was on my computer, just something I was listening to. I just listen to old songs sometimes. I just heard that like, 'That needs to be looped!' I had heard that sample a long time ago and I even made a different beat out it. I just went back to the one part that I cut and thought that it could be dope.

"It sounded like something Drake would like. I pretty much just sent him a bunch of beats and he liked that one and he ended up writing a song to it. But they was like, 'Yo man, it needs to change up for the hook.' But I ain’t know what to do for the hook. But 40 came and did his 40 thing. He made it sound crazy like it was underwater or something. I don’t know what effect he put on it, but it was dope and it worked out good.”

Noah "40" Shebib: "We did it in January or February. We started working on that in Houston. We were there doing some stuff with Bun and started working on 'Miss Me' when we had some time, that’s why you hear Bun in the first verse. 1da had that beat made himself and we started messing with it out there, which is an 'All Night Long' version. It’s where the beat doesn’t change and it’s all over the original 1da beat. Then Drake wanted to re-work the chorus, so we changed it to the 'Miss Me' chorus, which corresponded with Wayne’s absence and I produced the chorus and the outro. 1da produced the verses.

"With 'Miss Me,' I was having problems with it. The sample was bugging me, and I couldn’t get it to fit and I knew Gadget would kill it so I sent it to him. We made the adjustments to 'Miss Me' in March ’cause literally, like a week before he went in and shot all those videos, he recorded it. So it was like two weeks before that [Lil Wayne] actually recorded it and two weeks before that I actually made all the adjustments. So a week before he shot that video, I made that chorus and he recorded his verse the next day.

"I always had the outro on there from when I made the adjustments before Wayne did his part, but we added the very end [with Drake] talking on the studio bus. [Ed. note—Drake shouts out J.J. during the outro. Jonathan “Shoota Mac” Johnson, 21, was tragically shot and killed this past February in Houston.] To me, J.J. was family. When we go to Houston, it’s just a big family and J.J. was around a lot."

Bun B: We were at Takeover Studios. We went in two different days. It was recorded for my project. Well there’s a different hook, too. It was the ’All Night Long’ hook because it wasn’t called ’Miss Me’ when we recorded it. Then, Wayne heard it and wanted to get on it. So we ended up putting Wayne on the record, and Drake asked me if he could have the record back with Wayne on it. It doesn’t bother me because we still make music. It wasn’t shady business or anything. All the verses were 32 bars [so they took mine off.]

"[The part where I ask, 'Drake, you got ’em right?'] was already in the song because we wrote it together for my album so that was already in his verse. He wrote it like that for me to say that line right there. Then, when he did the verse with Wayne, they just kept me in there. I’m sure after his album comes out [the version with my verse] will find its way to the Internet."