LYRIC: "You's a notebook crook with loose-leaf beef/A backseat criminal who pass the heat/To somebody that blast the heat/Man, it sound bad on the pad what happened in the street/A villain on the vinyl, an analog outlaw/A lot of gats on your DAT taped southpaw/You thuggin' when the mic's plugged in/Barkin' through the speakers like you got no sense/You're wild on the 2-inch/Got your platinum plaques to prove it."
SHOTS FIRED? MAYBE. The fact that Prodigy is on this song with Cormega says something. He seems to be questioning Nasir's realness, but Esco isn't left-handed. Jay-Z is, though, so some of these lines are probably aimed at S-Dot as well. Can't be mad at P for being efficient with his subliminals.

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