We got a chance to check a rough version of The Game's upcoming release, The Red Album, that's slated to drop July 29th. Although he had a variety of producers on The Red Room mixtape that just dropped, as we feared, the album itself is dominated by Pharrell, who's also executive producing the project. We'd have been all for it if it was Skateboard P bringing that Lord Willin' murda music—but here it's more of the underwhelming "Unless You're The Clipse, Give Me Half Your Budget And I'll Give You A Throwaway Beat" P of the last few years. At least after a few years of being estranged, Game has reunited with Dr. Dre. It's also worth noting that the version we heard is missing two tracks: one rumored to feature Lupe Fiasco, and the other supposedly with assists from Jay Electronica and Nas. Get an idea of what The Red Album will sound like with Complex's track-by-track breakdown.