Like a lonely widow whose husband's life insurance settlement only allows for quarterly botox treatments, hip hop has always had a hard time aging gracefully. Legends the likes of Melle Mel and Ice-T have complained openly and abundantly about the genre's propensity to discard its elderly as they lose the perspective from which their most acclaimed recordings were created. Luckily for the old heads, Duck Down general Sean Price just may have a solution. Last week in the comments section of a Dallas Penn blog post, Price announced his idea for a grown man rap crew saying, "for niggaz my age who get busy and enjoy the shit we do." He mentioned Roc Marciano, Mayhem Lauren, and D.J. Alejandro as the crew's current members, but it got us to thinking about who else would hold it down for G.M.R. Check out our list of old heads that we believe still have something to offer, even if they no longer look the part.