Left To Right: T.I., Thom Yorke, 50 Cent, The Golden Filter, T-Pain

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The weekend always goes by so fast, doesn't it? Well, we're back to work too if that makes you feel any better. Of course, that means that we're back with another Shuffle playlist filled with new songs, which we know will make you feel better. Today's selections come from parties as different as the King of South and Radiohead's leading man. Keep reading to start listening and downloading...

SONG: "King On The Set"
ARTIST: T.I. f/ Young Dro
• If you missed hearing T.I. talk about guns in the midst of Paper Trail's motivational anthems, this track should suffice. Look for it on the soundtrack to LeBron's upcoming documentary.

SONG: "Hollow Earth"
ARTIST: Thom Yorke
• We're not going to blindly label this "the greatest song ever" like all the hipster blogs will, but there's no doubt that the Radiohead frontman knows how to crank out a mean tune. This one, in all its paranoid glory, is no exception.

SONG: "Dreamin'"
ARTIST: 50 Cent
• No CDQ yet, but this rip's quality is good enough to warrant a download (if you can stomach the annoying drops). Well, that's if you think the song is good to download. Whether you rock with it or not, we can all agree that 50 and Dre can do much better

SONG: "Thunderbird"
ARTIST: The Golden Filter
• This NYC duo is mostly known for their remixes, but this early release from next month's 12" is proof that they can make heat on their own. Clearly disco-influenced, this makes for a nice addition to a playlist once its rap songs have worn thin.

SONG: "Dope"
ARTIST: T-Pain f/ Shawnna
• Teddy Pain might want us to believe that "Death Of Autotune" didn't affect him, but the first leak from Revolver says otherwise. He isn't using the infamous pitch correction software and the constant talk of haters reeks of insecurity. Decent track nonetheless.

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