Sure, Valentine's Day can be a pain in the ass'buying the right flowers, splurging on an overpriced restaurant, sitting through a painfully sappy romantic comedy. But it's a tradition that all men must endure if they want to stay in the good graces of the women they love...and the one's they pretend to love.

When it comes to setting the right romantic mood (i.e. one that eventually leads to dirty animal sex), nothing is more important than selecting the right music. Too much R&B makes you seem too eager. Too much rap or rock just kills the mood. Luckily, Complex found the perfect balance with our ultimate V-Day mixtape. And just to make sure we were on the right track, we got some special commentary from Complex columnist/female expert Olivia Munn. See the whole article from our February/March 2009 issue and listen to the music at the link below...