Can Joe Budden live? It seems like every time you hit up a rap website there's news of another rapper going at Jersey's crowned rap prince. We're only three weeks into the new year and he's already recorded two diss tracks aimed at Saigon. They say success breeds envy, but Joey hasn't tasted success since '03 when his first (and only hit) "Pump It Up" was still on the 106th & Park countdown.

Whatever the motivation behind it, rappers sure do love going at Joey. Tonight, Slaughterhouse'the rap triumvirate including Joey, Royce and Joell Ortiz' have a show at NYC's S.O.B.'s, and with the Saigon's penchant for disturbing the peace, we're keeping an eye out to see if anything jumps off. So before you log on tomorrow and see another diss video, peep a quick history of all his beefs...

Cause: When Joe was signed to Def Jam in 2002, he was considered to be the next beast from the east. Then his debut album bricked and he got thrown on the shelf for about four years. It wasn't long before he started to blame label pres Jay-Z for his lack of success. Things only got worse when Jay hopped on the "Pump It Up" beat, throwing subliminal jabs, only to have Joey reclaim the beat. The beef simmered until Joey came back with his "Talk 2 'Em" track where he went at Jay-Z for still rapping at 38: "When the new generation think about Jordan/All they remember is when Iverson crossed him/Take off the blazer, loosen' up the tie/Nigga fell in love and Superman died."

Jay-Z "Pump It Up (Freestyle)"

Joe Budden "Talk To 'Em"

Effect: Joe was dropped from Def Jam and signed to Amalgam Digital where his sophomore effort, Padded Room was pushed back for over a year. It's finally dropping this February. We hope.

Cause: On a DJ Clue tape, Joey spit an ambiguous punchline: "He should be in the G-Unit vid with all the gangster actors." DJ Clue pasted an unrelated Game verse onto the same song, so Game's new boss 50 Cent took note. After 50 asked Game about it, the rookie Compton MC decided to craft his response "Buddens."

The Game "Buddens"

Joe Budden "Game Over"

Effect: After Game was ousted from G-Unit, the two made up and started making music together. Friends!

Cause: Back in '03 when both Joey and Glo were on the come up, the two became cut buddies. When things turned sour, Glo became what Joey calls a "female who was upset" and began airing him out in videos and leaking a voicemail Budden left on her phone singing her a love song of sorts: "I want to make mo...love. Baby, what the fuck? Call me." Joe struck back with a couple small jabs on tracks.

Gloria Velez "Interview with All Access"
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Joe Budden "Interview with VladTV.com"
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Effect: In addition to refusing Velez's claims about the voice message, Joe Budden (in an interview with VladTV.com) claims, "I've never been that guy to be so heartbroken over a girl." He also adds, "She apologized. She didn't do it on camera! But she did apologize and I don't have any feelings for her. She's cool."

Cause: According to an interview with Loud.com, Budden claims the beef started after an early version of "Thou Shall Not Fall", a track from Mood Muzik 3, leaked. On the track, Joey makes some references to the fact that Royce caught an L when he battled Mistah FAB at an Allhiphop emcee battle event that Joey didn't even attend. Although Budden amended the track to reflect the fact that Royce actually held his own against Fab, it was too late. Royce dropped his response.

Joe Budden "Thou Shall Not Fall"

Royce Da 5"9' "I'm Nice"
tour together, but also they have formed a group with two other emcees (Joell Ortiz, and Crooked I) called, "Slaughterhouse". See: tonight's show.

Cause: The beef started when Joe had a song called "Family Reunion" and put verses from both Ransom and his former A-Team member, and old bosom buddy, Hitchcock. They've been going back and forth with each other ever since.

Ransom "Kid Brother"

Joe Budden "Heart of the City"

Effect: The feud reached its high-point when Ransom went to the home of a member of Budden's entourage and got physical. After the doorstep visit, Joe said he was done with the back-and-froth and Ransom could have the win, taking the "bigger man" approach.

Cause: One of our favorite diatribes by Prodigy on WSHH was the cause of this alleged "beef" (neither Joe Budden nor Prodigy has addressed the issue on wax). In the clip, Prodigy speaks on many New York rappers he thinks, "Should get another job," or "Paint a house." And out of them all Prodigy claims, "Who's the worst rapper on the planet? I think Joe Budden is on that line." Questioning, "What the fuck is a Mood Muzik?" Joe Budden responds back in an interview with WSHH saying, "Prodigy's like...He's like the Hip-Hop version of Bobby Brown or some shit. But I'm not mad at that. Isn't he going to jail?"

Prodigy "Interview on WSHH"
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Joe Budden "Interview on WSHH"
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Effect: Joe Budden refused to respond to Prodigy's statements on wax because he believes Prodigy has spoken his opinion, and he isn't "a girl" to fight him back. He also stated, "Name me somebody who Prodigy has beefed with and came away a winner? Jay? Nas? Pac?" The man has a point.

Cause: Saigon turned sensitive thug when he misconstrued the following punchline as a diss: "Soon as the wife's gone they jump on the python/But she don't know I'm out to hit and run like Saigon." Since then, the beef has been stop-n-go, with each releasing a diss track and a subsequent video saying they weren't going to keep going back and forth, only to drop another diss track. The latest barb came courtesy of Saigon with his staggering "Pushin Buddens" track over Wu-Tang's "Protect Ya Neck" instrumental just a day after Just Blaze twittered that he and Joe squashed the beef over the phone. Saigon immediately denied it and made a statement to XXLmag.com that he will continue dropping diss tracks if he needs to.

Joe Budden "Letter To Saigon"

Saigon "Under Achiever"
[[$audio? &audio_path=`http://cdnl.complex.com/blogs/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/saigon-underachievers.mp3">

Effect: Both MCs still can't get a record out. Stay tuned.