Two police officers and bystanders in Yonkers, New York are being called heroes after rushing to save a mother and her baby who were pinned under a car on Friday. 

The incident, as captured on video and reported by ABC 7, happened when the mother crossed the street and was struck by an out-of-control vehicle—with an allegedly under-the-influence driver at the wheel—that hit multiple parked cars and slammed into them, dragging them along to a barbershop. 

The 36-year-old woman and her 8-month-old child were rescued when several passers-by and the officers—who were grabbing breakfast next door—rushed to get them out. In graphic bodycamera footage, shown below, Officer Rocco Fusco can be seen lifting the vehicle with others as Officer Paul Samoyedy grabbed the child out from under the vehicle. 

Viewer discretion is advised:

“I got, I got it, I got the baby,” Samoyedy says in the clip. 

Both the mother and her baby are expected to recover despite the child having a fractured skull and the woman dealing with a compound fracture to her leg. The driver was 43-year-old David Poncurack, who was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated. 

“It’s honestly a miracle that both of them survived,” Fusco told ABC 7. “A very strong mom and an even stronger little infant.”