A woman managed to climb out of a storm drain in Texas over the weekend after she found herself in a similar circumstance in Florida just over two months ago, WPEC reports.  

Lyndsey Kennedy spent a little over a week in a rehab facility in Texas before she wandered off. Grand Prairie police saw a reportedly missing Kennedy at a creek, according to her best friend Brady Morgan. She slipped into a nearby storm drain as authorities started to approach her. Her family was able to figure out her last location through a tracking app on her phone. 

Bags of food and Gatorade were dropped into storm drains and manholes by her family and friends in an attempt to sustain her. 

Her mother Jane said Kennedy escaped out of a six-foot drain pipe on Saturday, and was taken to the hospital where she’s been placed under a psychiatric hold. Kennedy’s family said she has psychosis and PTSD after being in an abusive relationship for years. 

Kennedy was pulled from a sewer in Florida’s Delray Beach late March after she went missing for three weeks. Kennedy told police that she was swimming in a canal near her boyfriend’s home when she approached a doorway that led to a tunnel. Her curiosity convinced her to venture even further, but it wasn’t long before she realized that she was lost. 

Kennedy spent three weeks wandering around the sewer system but stopped when she saw a light above her with what appeared to be people passing by. Authorities determined at the time that she didn’t fit the criteria of someone who required temporary supervision in a mental health facility under the Baker Act. However, Jane told police that her daughter has mental illness and substance abuse problems.