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Belgian action movie star Jean-Claude Van Damme reportedly indirectly helped jewel thieves in Paris pull off a “mind-boggling heist” because his mere presence distracted any potential witnesses.

The Guardian reports that French police have arrested two suspects who walked away with jewelery valued somewhere €2 million and €3 million ($2.37M to $3.56M) on Tuesday, but potential witnesses at a cafe near the jeweler say they didn’t see or hear anything because they were too busy clocking Van Damme at an optician’s across the street. Police described the heist as a “monumental haul,” and they were only able to locate the thieves in question with CCTV footage.

The two suspects, who are in their mid-50s and mid-40s, were traveling on a coach when they were arrested in Moselle, France on Wednesday. Officers said a “substantial part” of the items stolen from jeweler Chaumet have been recovered. One of the suspects impersonated a customer while in the store, but later pulled a knife out after asking to see some of the more expensive items on sale.