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An upcoming tell-all book penned by a former White House press secretary alleges that single-term POTUS Donald Trump was so taken with the Cats track “Memory” that he had an aide on standby to play it for him.

The book in question, titled I’ll Take Your Questions Now and featured in a New York Times report on Tuesday, comes from Stephanie Grisham. One of four people to hold the press secretary title under the Trump administration, Grisham said Trump’s “handlers” had picked an unnamed White House official—allegedly referred to as the “Music Man”—to be responsible for playing the former Apprentice host his “favorite show tunes,” with the aforementioned Cats cut among the selections.

This was done, according to the Times piece on the book, to pull Trump “from the brink of rage.” Also revealed in the book is that the so-called “Music Man” in question is Grisham’s former boyfriend, though she does not directly give his identity. However, the Times report states that the “Music Man” was Max Miller, who’s now making a Trump-aligned bid for office in Ohio.