THC: 25-30 percent
Terpenes: 3.5-4.5 percent
Availability: In Ontario and B.C., or nationwide for medicinal users. 

It’s got the hype because it’s worth the hype. Yes, including the $50 price tag. Packaged in a bright pink jar and sometimes accompanied by a collectors card with a pic of the bud and “genetic strain stats” (if your budtender has swiped it), Ghost Drops’ First Class Funk is, as the brand says, “big on potency, big on flavour, and big on bag appeal.” 

It’s cultivated in small batches overseen by seasoned growers who are so fully dedicated to getting you funked up in style that they may have inadvertently created time travel. FCF is an indica-dominant cultivar that burns white with a dank and creamy flavour, and gives a lasting full-body-and-mind kick that can and will make you late for any appointment. You’ve been warned: set a reminder and a couple alarms if you’ve got shit to do.