A 30-year-old Texas mother is facing charges after dressing up as her 13-year-old daughter and sneaking into her middle school to prove a point online, TMZ reports.

Casey Garcia is said to have snuck into Enriquez Middle School near El Paso in an effort to test the school’s security measures.

Garcia documented the charade online, too, as videos of her breaching the school went viral on YouTube and TikTok. Her YouTube vlog, which shows her documenting each passing period, lunch, and getting caught and sent to the principal’s office, has since amassed over 160,000 views. Her TikTok, posted earlier in the week, has earned 1.4 million likes. 

“Just wanna say thank you to all the girls who helped me get to all of my classes yesterday,” Garcia says at the end of her YouTube clip. “I really, really appreciate it. I honestly would’ve been discovered way sooner if it weren’t for you. And if you knew my secret and you kept it for me, thank you so much for not saying anything. I honestly could’ve not made it the entire day as a middle school student without you.” 

According to TMZ, Garcia’s stunt led to her arrest for falsifying records and for trespassing.

“While there was a breach in security by an individual associated as a parent with the school…we want to assure you that our security measures are being reviewed and evaluated,” Superintendent of San Elizario, Dr. Jeannie Meza-Chavez, said in a statement to KTSM