Social media is exploding with somewhat apocalyptic images of Ontario’s wild snow storm, which The Weather Network has dubbed “one of Ontario’s most impactful storms,” and Global News’ chief meteorlogost Anthony Farnell has warned could be “the worst snowstorm we’ve seen in years.”  Environment Canada has noted that Toronto, Hamilton, Niagra, Belleville, Halton—Peel, York—Durham and Dunnville have gotten the brunt of the storm.

With 30-60 cm of snow piling on streets, driveways, and highways across the province, Ontarians are being forced to become one with their shovel and winter tires.

Unfortunately, this mantra is especially true for those who have been stuck on Highway 401 today, some being forced to shovel themselves out of traffic jams caused by the snow. At the time of writing, drivers have been stranded on the highway for over eight hours.

Some were seen ditching their cars and walking along the highway.

Doug Ford is even putting the work in to help fellow Ontarians stuck inside the winter madness.

Despite everything, not every Ontarian appears to be pissed off about the snow.