The city of Zhengzhou, China in the Henan province received nearly 8 inches of rain in a single hour on Tuesday, causing severe flooding that has left a reported 12 dead and many trapped in cars and even subway trains. 

There has been severe flooding reported across the world, most recently in Germany, which received several inches of rain, but the latest news coming from China shows their public transit system in disarray.

A video from Sky News shows people in a subway car with water at shoulder level as they wait to be freed from the flooding. One correspondent said, “Very distressing scenes in Zhengzhou right now where there is severe flooding. People trapped in subway – some rescued but other videos appear to show dead bodies.”

NBC News later reported that 12 people died while being stuck in the subway from the flooding in the Henan province. The flooding has also caused more than 100,000 people to flee the hazardous areas as officials wait for the water to subside. 

The streets of Zhengzhou have also been badly impacted by the flooding, now looking more like rivers as cars become submerged in the water and are unable to move.

There was major flooding reported in Western Europe last week, with 120 people dead following the worst flooding the region has seen in decades. Photos from the area depict how much damage has been done.