A security guard at a Miami-Dade middle school has been arrested after cameras captured him punching a student.

NBC Miami reports that Antwan Ruffin, 40, was arrested last week at Horace Mann Middle School in El Portal, Florida, on charges of child abuse without great bodily harm and battery. According to police, Ruffin “wilfully and intentionally punched (the victim) on the right upper chest area” for refusing to go to class after the bell rain. The student was not injured.

Ruffin’s charges stem from an incident that took place last month and was captured on video. In the footage, Ruffin is seen aggressively confronting a student in the hallway.

“Try me. When the bell rings, you’re in my hallway,” he says to the boy. Ruffin is then seen shoving the victim, at which point the student yells to his friend, “Yo!” 

“Yo, what?” Ruffin responds, before striking the boy in the chest. The student then tells Ruffin he’s going to the office. “Go,” Ruffin says. “I’ll walk you to the office.”