President Joe Biden had a lot to say during his march back to the White House. With public opinion low on the previous administration, plus a tension-filled country combating homelessness, unemployment, police-sanctioned brutality, and a full-blown pandemic, Americans of all backgrounds were hoping that the walk was as big as the stick Biden hoped to wave around once he won the election. 

Now that the calendar has struck 100 days, the Biden Promise Ticker has been on everyone’s radar to see if the former-VP-turned-head-of-the-table could fulfill the promises he made to an in-need country. With his top priorities listed as 100 million shots in 100 days, improving the economy, reversing Trump’s corporate tax cuts, combating climate change, and responding to calls for racial justice, each assurance gave Americans (including us here at Complex) a chance to see if he was able to make progress with his ambitious agenda.

At the time of this writing, the Biden Administration had completed a major milestone: the final congressional passage of his massive $1.9 trillion coronavirus aid package. Americans all over the country can rejoice in knowing that the bill, which includes direct payments to millions and money to reopen schools, is finally a reality. With such a major stride in the books, Complex tracks the “kept,” “not kept,” and “in progress” status of his other key campaign pledges and highlights whether Biden has kept his word to the American public.