An over-the-top gender reveal party in New Hampshire turned into a dangerous explosion that shook several homes. 

Kingston police released a statement on Friday claiming that around 80 pounds of an explosive called Tannerite were detonated by partygoers. Tannerite is normally used for firearms practice. But with the rise of grand gender reveal parties, the brand now makes a “Gender Reveal Boom Box” for parents that want to make the party a little special. 

The Tannerite Gender Reveal Boom Box contains 1 pound of explosive material combined with a blue or pink powder. So, one can imagine that the display was a bit excessive if close to 80 pounds were exploded. When police arrived, the attendees admitted that the explosives were part of the party but they chose a quarry because they felt it was a “safe location.”

This couldn’t be further from the case. The explosion sent out tremors that made people who lived close to the quarry believe that they were experiencing an earthquake. One woman even told CNN that the explosion might’ve caused cracks in her home’s foundation while another neighbor described the display as “absolutely over the top, ridiculous.”

“I’m not upset because I have chalk or confetti blown in my way,” the resident who called the police, Sara Taglieri, told CNN. “I mean, it was an explosion that rocked my house, my neighbors, my community, and my town.”

The unnamed man who bought the explosives turned himself in to the police. Authorities claim that charges in relation to the incident will be filed soon.