There’s a sense of community that comes with being Black. A shared culture experience that transcends time and space. Regardless of where any of us are from originally, it always feels like home any time we come together. It’s in the way we speak; it’s in the way we move; and, ultimately, it’s just who we are. 

We are a melting pot of different voices, cultures, and experiences that fit together perfectly like puzzle pieces. Each element is distinctly unique from the next but still manages to form a perfect picture. It’s not our sameness that connects us, but our differences because we are not a monolith. We are a movement made up of countless individual steps that are leading us towards a future of unlimited potential.

This year, as part of Black History Month, we celebrate this diversity with 28 Things About Me, a four-part editorial series where members of our own community share their personal stories around Blackness. Closing this out is Complex anchor Pierce Simpson, who reveals why Black excellence is a way of life. 

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