Los Angeles International Airport passenger jumped out of a plane’s exit door Friday as it was taxiing for takeoff, reportedly after attempting to enter the plane’s cockpit. 

Fox 11 reports that the passenger of the United Express flight, which was operated by SkyWest Airlines, landed on the plane’s taxiway, according to the Los Angeles World Airports. 

Flight 5365 was reportedly scheduled to go from LAX to Salt Lake City when the man reportedly “tried multiple times to open the cockpit door” before settling for another door. He has reportedly since been treated for injuries at a local hospital after landing on the plane’s inflated emergency slide. The plane then departed four hours behind schedule at 10:36 p.m.

This isn’t the first time in recent weeks that a passenger on a plane has reportedly attempted to breach the cockpit or disrupt a flight. 

Earlier this month, a Delta Air Lines flight had to make an emergency landing in New Mexico after a passenger was taken into federal custody for allegedly rushing the pilot’s cabin and banging on the door. Similarly, just a week or so later, a flight headed from L.A. to Atlanta was diverted to Oklahoma City after an off-duty Delta employee made alleged terrorist threats to “take down the plane.”