An off-duty officer with the Knoxville Police Department was knocked unconscious at a wedding after allegedly making racist comments.

WVLT reports KPD officer Tanner Holt, 22, was knocked unconscious after reportedly telling the suspect, Jonathan Toney, that he “didn’t know they let Black people in the reception hall.”  The conversation and assault took place in the parking lot, according to witnesses that spoke with the responding officer. 

Police arrived at the scene in Old City, Tennessee, just before 9 p.m. on June 26 and found Knoxville Fire Department and American Medical Response officials treating Holt, who was unconscious. 

Toney said that he asked Officer Holt multiple times to stop making the racist comments, but Holt continued. Toney then said punched Holt. He said the single punch left Holt unconscious, the report stated. Two witnesses corroborated Toney’s version of the incident while a third said she saw the assault occur but did not hear what was said between the two men. Witnesses also pointed out that Holt was intoxicated.

Holt was subsequently transferred to a hospital for treatment.

According to WVLT, an investigation into what transpired is being conducted, per a request from police chief Eve Thomas. Holt will not return to work at the moment as he’s still recovering from the “serious injuries” he sustained during the altercation.

KPD officials said that they will be making a decision on Holt’s “assignment/status when he is cleared to return while IAU investigation is ongoing.”

Charges have not been filed.