A private middle school teacher in Albuquerque, New Mexico got fired from her job after students found a pornographic video of her online, KRQE reports.

Parents learned of her firing in a letter sent out by her ex-employer, the Bosque School, last Thursday. That letter stated that “one of their middle school teachers had been engaging in concerning personal online behavior.” Her name was not released, but she was an eighth-grade math teacher and had worked at Bosque for four years. 

It was noted that students found the video of her and then took that info to school administrators (private school kids for ya). As reported by KRQE, the school says the video was put up when she was a teacher, which is a development that was used to justify her firing. 

“I have no idea when her videos were made,” said the head of the school, Dr. Jessie Barrie. “I can’t speak to that but clearly, there was online activity that has occurred during her tenure as a teacher and that very much violates our norms as a community.”

Details, such as who filmed or uploaded the video, remain unclear.  

“As soon as we got this information she was immediately put on leave and as soon as we had that confirmation, she was immediately terminated,” Barrie explained.

“The fact that our students were engaging with this online content, and obviously, we’re very concerned about it as it related to creating that community, that safe community,” Barrie added. “Our teachers should be role models and outstanding individuals that our students can feel safe and comfortable with. We have a very extensive employee handbook and within that handbook lays out all the guidelines with how we can create that safe and nurturing community and this very much violates that.”