A new documentary series focusing on Adolf Hitler’s sex life claims the genocidal Nazi Germany dictator was into sadomasochism and allegedly had sex with his niece.

The Sky History docuseries, titled Hitler’s Secret Sex Life, explores the litany of rumors regarding Hitler’s sex life. The public image he presented to the world was one of celibacy, and he famously kept his 14-year relationship with Eva Braun secret. The documentary, however, makes some big claims about his sex life with some graphic details. England’s the Sun reports that, over the course of four episodes, historians claim Hitler engaged in voyeurism, had his personal doctor inject him with bull semen to boost libido, and that he had an incestuous relationship with niece Geli Raubal. 

Nineteen years his junior, Raubal committed suicide at Hitler’s Munich apartment in 1931. It has been unclear what the nature of their relationship was, although the documentary suggests they had a sexual relationship that could have lasted as long as six years. Otto Strasser, who defected from Nazi Germany, previously claimed Raubal said Hitler demanded sexual acts that were “simply repulsive.” Supposedly he enjoyed being pissed on during sex. While Raubal’s death was ruled a suicide, it has been suspected she was killed by Hitler.

The mass-murderer didn’t just allegedly want to have sex with people to whom he was related, however, as he also reportedly engaged in sado-masochistic sex acts. “Sado-masochistic practices fit perfectly in with Hitler’s personality," Australian professor and historian Robert Kaplan explained. "He internalized everything he didn’t like, like the losses in his life, and he projected his rage on everybody. It’s quite feasible that somebody like that would have these sexual practices."

Other claims about his sexual preferances include an alleged porn addiction. It’s worth pointing out that disturbing revelations about Hitler’s sex life have continued to circulate in the 76 years following the war, and one historian in 2016 suggested that he was a coprophiliac (aka he was into poop play).