28-year-old teacher Ivy Reneau is under investigation after she allegedly sent nude photos and videos to a 16-year-old student who then blackmailed her, KFOR reports.

There’s now a warrant out for the arrest of the former teacher, who met the unnamed student at a soccer practice during her time as an assistant soccer coach. According to the newly filed court documents, she “heard rumors that he liked her and wanted to watch her run,” and after that run-in she later added him on Snapchat.

An investigation at the school was launched after a faculty member overheard the student telling his friends about the images Reneau sent to him. She allegedly sent him “a picture of herself topless,” and another that showed her “posing in front of the mirror sideways” in the nude.

“District officials were notified of an alleged relationship between a Mid-Del staff member and a student. We reported the information to law enforcement so that they could begin an investigation,” reads a statement from the Mid-Del School District. “The staff member is no longer employed by Mid-Del Schools, and we have worked closely with the family of the student in the wake of this accusation. We will continue to fully cooperate with the authorities.”

After Reneau sent the images to the minor, he threatened to “ruin her career over the pictures,” and allegedly asked for $120 via CashApp. When she was interrogated by the authorities, she admitted “it was wrong to dot this with a student,” but said she believed that he was 18 years old. Reneau denied getting into a physical relationship with the teen, although she confessed “they talked about hanging out one time, but never went through with it.”

Reneau is now facing a felony charge for Using Technology to Engage in Communication for Sexual or Prurient Interest with a minor.