A California man is suing a psychic over alleged false promises.

According to NBC Los Angeles, Mauro Restrepo has filed a fraud lawsuit against Sophia Adams, a “psychic love specialist” who claimed she could remove a curse placed on him by an ex-girlfriend. The plaintiff says he found Adams after doing a Google search on Sept. 17; that search led him to Adams’ website, which described her as a “Ph.D Life Coach.” 

Restrepo says he then began communicating with Adams over text messages, and was eventually invited to her place of business for a tarot reading. During that session, Adams allegedly told Restrepo he had “mala suerte” (bad luck), which was placed on him “by a witch hired by his ex-girlfriend.” Restrepo claims the psychic told him she could save his family and marriage by removing the curse, but would need to be paid $5,100. The plaintiff said he gave Adams a $1,000 down payment, but didn’t see any improvements in his personal life.

“Despite (Adams’) promises, (she) did not in any way help (Restrepo’s) marriage,” the suit states.

He claims he continued to experience sleepless nights, anxiety, and general anguish. Restrepo, who is seeking $25,000 in damages, has accused the clairvoyant of negligence, civil conspiracy, as well as intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress. The lawsuit also names Adam’s business Psychic Love Specialist by Sophia, as a defendant, along with her husband, George R. Adams; her daughter, Tiffany Winston; and the Adams’ landlords, Christ and Polly Koutroumbis.