A 28-year-old man died in a New York subway station on Sunday after breaking his neck while attempting to jump over a turnstile in Queens, New York, the New York Post reports.

Christopher De La Cruz, 28, was pronounced dead around 6:45 a.m. Sunday morning at the Forest Hills-71st Avenue station. The station provides E, F, M and R line service. Police said De La Cruz was “attempting to evade the fare,” which amounts to $2.75, when he fell to his death.

The surveillance video shows De La Cruz, who was wearing a backpack at the time, attempting to jump over the turnstile after he entered the subway station. After misplacing his footing, De La Cruz stumbled as his phone was sent skidding across the floor. 

He subsequently tried to hoist himself up over the barrier a second time, before losing his balance. De La Cruz then flipped over the turnstile onto his head, reportedly breaking his neck in the process.

Police and EMS personnel responded to a 911 call regarding a man lying unconscious on the mezzanine floor of the station, and found De La Cruz dead at the scene. The city medical examiner has yet to determine the exact cause of death, per the New York Post