With romantic dinners and most typical dates off the table this Valentine's Day, couples can take a night to revel in being their own gross selves. Instead of dressing for a night on the town, Kraft is giving a few lucky winners the chance to eat candy-flavored mac and cheese in an unearthly pink. 

The special edition Valentine's Day mac and cheese kits are colored with beetroot and carrot concentrates, while extra sweetness comes from fructose and vanilla extract. When asked what the bright pink mac tasted like, Kraft said that it tastes like sweet macaroni.

The boxes will ship out to 1000 winners, who can enter the contest here. Kraft plans to send them out just in time for February 14, so that lucky lovebirds can have their V-Day dinner plans handled. Of course, it's hard to resist the urge to go a little fancy on Valentine's Day. And there are plenty of ways to turn this boxed dinner into an event. We suggest lighting a can of Sterno for ambiance and pairing the entree with a chilled glass of fight milk.