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Prime Ministers, they get laptop status anxiety—just like us!

A photo of Justin Trudeau using as lowly HP laptop masquerading as a MacBook has been making the rounds on the Internet. The image shows him cheerfully leading a video conference behind a computer with what appears to be a white Apple sticker slapped over a Hewlett Packard logo. The black, rounded charging cable—a far cry from those streamlined, white Apple ones—is further proof of his tech subterfuge. There’s also the Windows operating system that can clearly be seen on the larger screen over Trudeau’s shoulder.

Justin Trudeau fake MacBook zoom in
Image via Team Trudeau Training Hub

The image went undetected on the “Team Trudeau Training” portal of the Liberal Party’s website for months until right-wing pundits with photo analysis technology went full Zapruder on it, crying foul.

“Why is Canada’s Prime Minister pretending his boring old HP laptop is a trendy MacBook?” tweeted Toronto Sun journalist Bryan Passifiume. 

“Why the deception?” tweeted another conservative naysayer. “Is everything fake?”

“Nothing is real about this girly-boy,” said another.

Others called him “a con artist,” “sad,” and a “yawning pit of phoniness.”

A Liberal Party spokesperson confirmed to Vice that yes, the laptop is indeed a fugazi, and that Trudeau had borrowed it from a volunteer in order to thank staff on a video call. We have yet to hear from the volunteer in question about his closeted PC-phile ways.

Still, the damage has been done. Trust has been broken, lies have been exposed. Forget all that other stuff—#stickergate will be Trudeau’s legacy.