In just a week, Richard Hutchins went from a homeless artist to a man selling his work to the likes of Steve Harvey, 2 Chainz and several others, who spent a combined $200,000 on his portraits via his website

Hutchins had previously done work for Muhammad Ali, Richard Pryor and Marvin Gaye, but after his studio burned down, his talent wasn’t getting the appreciation it deserved. And on Easter Sunday, he bumped into 2 Chainz’ former manager Charlie Rocket at a grocery store in Los Angeles, when things turned around completely. 

“This guy is sitting on a shopping cart with amazing energy,” Rocket told TMZ. “He said, “Nephew, I like your car let me drive it….’ We fell in love with him ever since.”

After hearing his story, Rocket’s goal was to make sure Richard’s dream would come true, so people would be inspired by his work again. Rocket then set up Charlie’s website, and things have been rolling along since. He even had his work showcased at the Sofitel, where Dame Dash and 500 others showed up to support. 

“The first thing I’m gonna do,” Richard said, “I’m gonna go back to Skid Row and see where I can be of use.”

The artist says he already has had people interested in turning his life into a film, and explains that he got a script in the mail the night before his interview.