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A Florida woman was arrested this past Sunday after being suspected of keeping a child with autism locked in a metal and wood cage in a Brevard County home.

People reports that 43-year-old Melissa Doss of Palm Bay was arrested and is now facing three felony charges of child neglect and a count of child abuse.

Police responded to a call on Saturday, July 24 in which a neighbor said there was a child inside of the screened-in patio of their home. The officers who were dispatched to the scene determined that the girl had a disability and was non-verbal. Police also found that the child lived nearby after she was able to communicate its location to them.

They then made their way to the home, which was next door, but were denied entry by Doss. After coming back the next day, Doss allowed the authorities to enter. Police claim that they found the home to be in a state of severe disrepair and filled with trash and bugs. They also said that the home smelled of feces and had no bathrooms. Doss reportedly told police that they use “a bucket and throw the waste in the backyard.” There was also no food or water in the home.