A pair of Detroit police officers are reportedly under investigation over dash-cam footage that appears to show them fleeing a drive-by shooting taking place right in front of them. The clip, which is part of the news package above, shows a man pull out a gun and start firing on another person while leaning out of the backseat of a blue car. Almost immediately after, the car recording the crime-in-progress speeds away.

Click on Detroit reports that an inquiry into the incident, which happened on June 30, has been opened. The officers involved could face discipline if wrongdoing is found. Currently one has been suspended while the other is on medical leave, according to Fox 2 Detroit

“This incident is troubling and it is unfortunate and it’s not consistent with our training,” Interim Chief James White said. “And it’s not consistent with the expectations that are set by myself and my command team.”

White added that the officers returned to tend to the victim after initially driving off. That person was struck but reportedly survived. The gunman and driver got away and, at this point, are still at large.