Self-described “Crypto King” Aiden Pleterski had $2 million in assets seized, including luxury cars, as investors try to recoup millions given to him and his company, according to a CBC Toronto investigation.

Among the assets seized from the 23-year-old Whitby, Ontario, native include two McLarens, two BMWs, and Lamborghini. Investors also asked about a Patek Philippe watch that he claims he never owned. Pleterski maintains  “he has never owned a watch with a value greater than $600,000.”

According to CBC Toronto, creditors are trying to figure out where “$35 million provided to Pleterski and his company AP Private Equity Limited for cryptocurrency and foreign exchange investments” has gone.

Pleterski called himself the “Crypto King” in paid promotional articles, and lived in supposed luxury, with expensive cars, watches, gold, private jets, and a lakefront mansion in Burlington, Ontario, he rented for $45,000 a month. He also once posted on Instagram about tipping $500 on a $41.25 bill at a Keg in Ajax.

There’s currently a $13 million bankruptcy proceeding against Pleterski, and he’s being investigated by a fraud recovery firm where 140 investors responded. In a lawsuit involving an investor who says they’re owed $4.5 million, they were effectively able to freeze Pleterski’s assets and bank accounts worldwide.

Pleterski’s lawyer Michael Simaan told CBC Toronto the claims from investors are “wildly exaggerated” and his client never solicited money from investors. He also said that no one ever considered whether Aidan, “as a very young man, was qualified to handle these types of investments.”

Pleterski said he lost the money in bad investments, but according to the bankruptcy trustee’s report, no evidence has been presented to support the claim.