Hilarious Woman Yelling at Smudge the Cat Meme Finds Second Life on Twitter

Here we go again.


Image via Twitter


If you're a sentient being of any Twitter activity level, then the piece of art above is quite familiar to you. At once hilarious and profoundly confusing upon initial introduction, it does indeed depict a seemingly angry woman pointing a finger and screaming at a cat. The cat, fittingly, is seated at a table with a facial expression strongly suggesting that whatever is being yelled is of little to no interest amid the interrupted dinner plans. The meme has enjoyed a sudden resurgence online, so it's our duty to provide you with its backstory.

Thanks to the power of the KnowYourMeme database and a presumably increasing amount of explainer articles as similarly inconsequential as the one you're currently reading, we know that the two images have been fused together in the name of memery.

While the fusing is believed to have first went down back in May of this year in the tweet above, the individual images themselves have deeper histories. The yelling half of this equation, per the aforementioned database, stems from a Daily Mail-popularized screenshot of a 2011 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:

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The unfazed dinner enjoyer, of course, is none other than Smudge the Cat. Smudge first became more famous than me, you, and everyone we know by way of a post from Tumblr user deadbefordeath back in June 2018.

Since May, the meme has ballooned to become the perfect presentation method for a wide variety of tweeted brilliance, including a comeback of sorts for the previously popular Don't Dead Open Inside format.

As always, consult below for some very fine examples of the meme in action:


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