White Woman Filmed Waving Stun Gun and Making Racist Comments to Black Family at Their Home

The incident was captured via surveillance cameras and phone footage and shows the woman brandishing a stun gun while making multiple racist comments.

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A white woman from the Discovery Bay area of California is seen in increasingly viral footage waving a stun gun at a Black family while making racist comments.

The videos show the woman, later identified in a regional ABC News report as Adana Dean, waving a stun gun while making convoluted claims about the family's dog. At one point, Dean threatens to call the police as she's repeatedly reminded that everything she is saying is being recorded. 

Part 1: Discovery Bay, CA • I am TIRED of living this way. I am TIRED of passive aggressiveness. I am TIRED of the fake smiles. I am TIRED that I don’t feel safe in a house that I’ve lived in for 10+ years cause of the color of my skin. #karensgonewild #blm #racisminamerica pic.twitter.com/ZRf90pr2Il

— Jariell (@Jaa_Rule) November 17, 2020

"You are a Black person in a white neighborhood and you're acting like one," Dean says. "Why don't you act like a white person in a white neighborhood?" Again informed that she's being recorded, Dean says "I don't give a shit" while continuing to brandish the stun gun.

"You're acting like people that aren't normal," she says later.

Part 2 pic.twitter.com/tKypoy18S4

— Jariell (@Jaa_Rule) November 17, 2020

Gerritt Jones and his family spoke with the aforementioned regional ABC outlet about the disturbing incident earlier this week, noting they've lived in this neighborhood for more than a decade and haven't had any prior issues with their across-the-street neighbor Dean. In fact, earlier that same day, surveillance footage captured Dean petting the family's dog while Gerritt and his son Zayire were out on a walk.

Per a statement from the local sheriff's office, deputies spoke with both parties and ultimately determined "no crime had been committed." The statement reads, "The Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff takes these types of acts seriously. Deputy Sheriffs responded to the home yesterday and contacted both parties involved. Although Deputies determined that no crime had been committed, a report was taken to document the interaction between the two neighbors, as the original complaint was in reference to a neighbor dispute due to an off-leash dog. The Office of the Sheriff will refer the case to Contra Costa Animal Services."

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