Apple Unveils New Watch, iPad, and More at 2020 'Time Flies' Event

Tim Cook & Co. are back with another round of product announcements. The iPhone 12, however, is not believed to be among the fleet of devices.

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Even amid a pandemic, Tim Cook and company are still dedicated to providing ample helpings of hype in the form of another hotly anticipated Apple event.

Notably, the latest event—as expected—did not include any sort of iPhone 12 reveal action, thanks to COVID-19. Still, Apple isn't averse to surprising its devotees, so there was still plenty to get stoked about for fans of the brand's other hits.

Up top, you can revisit the livestream event in full. Below, enjoy a rundown of the event's highlights, which included detailed looks at the latest moves in the worlds of the Apple Watch and iPad.

From the jump, Cook walked up to the camera with a brief word on the pandemic's impact on the industry and beyond. "As we all continue to make our way through these difficult times and face the challenges that COVID-19 is causing in our communities around the world, it's so inspiring how everyone has adapted," Cook said, adding that he and the team are aware of what an "important role" the brand's products have played during this difficult era. "We're all looking forward to better days," he added.

First up on the devices-centered agenda was a detailed look at how the Apple Watch has bettered the lives of users since its initial introduction in 2015, including its more recent use as part of multiple health agencies' COVID-19 containment and education efforts.

Jeff Williams, Apple COO, jumped into the mix to talk about what's next for the device: the new Apple Watch Series 6. Among the key features of the Series 6 device is a new health sensor that enables quick and easy measuring of blood oxygen levels in users. Fans can also look forward to an expansion of Watch faces including the GMT Face, the Count Up Face, the Typograph Face, and much more.

For those seeking change-ups in the Watch band sector, Apple also has you covered with the introduction of the Solo Loop band. The band boasts zero clasps, zero buckles, and zero overlapping parts. It's stretchable and swim-proof and will be available in a variety of sizes and colors. A Braided Solo Loop is also being launched.

The team also introduced the new Family Set-Up option, which provides greater independence for families with children or older people who have Watches without a phone of their own. Additionally, Apple introduced (as rumored) the new Apple Watch SE, a more budget-conscious take on the device.

The Apple Watch SE starts at $279. The new Series 6, meanwhile, starts at $399. Apple Fitness+, a new service for Watch designed to help users get and stay fit, was also detailed during Tuesday's event. An Apple Fitness+ subscription is $9.99 per month. 

Meanwhile, the new Apple One plan aims to streamline the user experience by offering a variety of Apple-related subscriptions and cloud expansion together in a tiered variety of package deals starting with the Individual option for $14.95. All plan options will launch later this year.

The iPad also got some shine during Tuesday's event, with Cook returning to the proceedings to tout its Watch-complementing usage during the COVID-19 era.

"More than half of our iPad customers are buying their very first iPad," Cook said of current sales trends. "That's just incredible."

The iPad 8th Generation benefits include boosted performance by way of the A12 bionic chip, neural engine for machine learning, and much more. The new iPadOS, meanwhile, also offers users greater Apple Pencil support. The latest iPad opens at $329.

Next up was a look at the new 10.9-inch iPad Air. A larger liquid retina display, advanced display technologies, a new approach to Touch ID that marks the smallest identification sensor the team has ever designed, a design that owes much to the iPad Pro, USB-C, and much more.

As expected, iOS 14 and related software upgrades will launch Sept. 16.

In short, this wasn't bad at all for a phoneless Apple event. Below, catch a few official shots of the new products and services straight from Apple HQ:


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