Tim Cook Tweets Blurry Super Bowl Photo, Receives the Wrath of the Entire Internet

Is Tim Cook just a super dedicated Puddle of Mudd fan?

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Tim Cook, Apple's resident polymath and guy whose name tragically pulls up insufferable images of Dane Cook when Googled, either made a very serious Twitter mistake on Sunday or is just a super dedicated Puddle of Mudd fan:

The congratulatory gesture is certainly a fitting message of support, but what's the deal with the blurriness, Tim? The blur here is quite profound. In fact, many blurred photo experts would likely agree that this image certainly falls under the maligned category of photography known simply as Delete Immediately. For entirely different reasons, that aforementioned Dane Cook image also qualifies as a Delete Immediately candidate.

Of course, an increasingly thankless Twitter promptly responded to Tim Cook's blurriness with equal parts pomp and circumstance:

Others, however, were quick to offer some praise that's definitely genuine and certainly not a joke:

As one can see, the strongest theory here really is that Tim Cook is just a massive Puddle of Mudd fan:


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