Shots Reportedly Fired During Anti-Terror Raid in Brussels Linked to Paris Attacks (UPDATE)

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UPDATE 2:32 p.m.: A report from Belgian media, cited by AFP, claims the death of one suspect in the Brussels terrorism raid. At least one additional suspect is believed to be still at large, according to Sky News. The investigation in the Forest district remains in progress.

UPDATE 11:30 a.m.: Local officials are now reporting that three officers were hurt during the raid, one severely, according to BBC News. At least two suspects, who reportedly escaped via a nearby rooftop, are currently being pursued.

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At least one police officer has been wounded in Brussels during an anti-terror raid, the Independent reports. Multiple armed suspects reportedly opened fire on officers before fleeing the scene. At time of publication, the incident was described as "not resolved." A "major police operation" is currently underway in the area, BBC News reports.

Though local media hasn’t confirmed the involvement of counter-terrorism agencies, they have confirmed the injury of one officer during the alleged shootout. The shootout reportedly happened during a raid in the Forest suburb, with the Independent reporting the raid was carried out in connection with the ongoing Paris attacks investigation.

Terrorists killed 130 people during the Paris attacks last November, including a coordinated attack at the Bataclan theatre that left 89 concert attendees dead. Hundreds of others were injured, with seven of the attackers reported as deceased following the orchestrated act of violence.

This story is developing.

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