Right-Wing Tennessee Pastor Livestreams Book Bonfire With ‘Occultic Materials’ Like ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Twilight’

The right-wing pastor of the Global Vision Bible Church has made headlines before, including for repeatedly spreading pandemic misinformation.

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A pastor and noted pandemic-denier in Tennessee is now making headlines for holding a book-burning ritual and livestreaming it on YouTube.

Pastor Greg Locke, of the Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, was reported by the Guardian and others this week to have staged a “bonfire” comprised of what he called “occultic materials.” Included in that category, per reports, were books including entries from the Twilight and Harry Potter franchises, as well as tarot cards.

As might be expected in a situation of this variety, Locke spoke extensively about matters of demons and Jesus and whatnot, at one point urging churchgoers during the Feb. 2 event (as seen in the video above) to join him in his efforts to “give the devil a black eye.”

MOUNT JULIET: Desperate for attention, MAGA Grifter “Pastor” Greg Locke just held a literal book burning📚

(We were torn on posting, but feels like y’all should see how low a guy who calls the pandemic “fake” as his own congregants die and says Trump is still president can go) pic.twitter.com/o7Oek204Cg

— The Tennessee Holler (@TheTNHoller) February 3, 2022

At another point, Locke mentioned something he referred to as a “biblical right” when speaking to attendees.

“We have a constitutional right and a biblical right to do what we’re going to do tonight,” Locked said around the 8:18 mark. “We have a burn permit. But even without one, a church has a religious right to burn occultic materials that they deem are a threat to their religious rights and freedoms and belief system.”

Prior to the event, as Newsweek points out, Locke posted on Facebook, “Bring all your Harry Potter stuff. Laugh all you will haters. I don’t care. It’s witchcraft 100 percent. All your Twilight books and movies. That mess is full of spells, demonism, shape-shifting and occultism. Bring tarot cards, ouija birds, healing crystals, idol statues, spell books and everything else tied to the occult. It’s got to go.”

Unfortunately, book-targeting tactics have again become a pursuit for a number of conservative voices, none of whom should be listened to.

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